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Welcome to Tweaking World!

The place where product customization knows no boundaries.When a particular product ceases to deliver results, people choose the discomfort and expenses of either developing a new product or changing the workflow to match the capabilities of the existing product. Often, regardless of the option business owners choose, they tend to compromise results, which may prove detrimental to the company’s existence in the long run.

However, not anymore! At Tweaking World, we are a team of young, talented, and enthusiastic professionals. We are new, but we are skilled, capable, and most importantly, confident about capabilities. We talk about solutions – yes, solutions, and we mean it! We possess the technical expertise to tweak a particular product, thus customising it to your design and process requirement. With us, we assure you of a customised product solution, regardless of the complexities involved.

Our Solutions

Our technical expertise, capabilities, and the wide network of associates spread across various business domains help us deliver the most intricate, highly specific and critical customisations. Our solutions cover a range of customisation to meet the industrial needs and demands of our clients.

Mechatronics System Engineering

Systems engineering is a part of mechatronics. We deal into the all the three disciplines of mechatronics, including mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

Such a highly integrated approach helps us develop smart, innovative, and efficient solutions for a broad array of high-tech, and sustainable engineering concerns. Our solutions ensure workflow optimisation, sustainable results, and mitigate risks in the long run.

Industrial Design Solutions

No matter the industry you belong to, our strategic understanding coupled with our customisation capabilities help us create the most complex industrial designs, with minimal hassles, with a quick turnaround time. We create industrial designs for a range of industries, including civil, mechanical, technology, consumer products, and many others.

We follow an organised approach, and a focused thought process that aims at achieving what it takes to help our clients achieve the expected results. We use the latest technologies and apply the best of our engineering ingenuity to provide industrial design solutions that work for our clients.

Software Solutions

Gone are those days when business owners used to manage with static software solutions. As every business is different, every business needs customised software that serves the specific needs of the enterprise, and helps the company reach the highest efficiency levels.

We also specialise in customising software products to ensure optimal efficiency, utility, and end-user application convenience. Our expertise extends to customising software products for a wide range of industries, including finance, human resources, accounting, travel, communication, e-commerce, and many others based on the needs and demands of our clients.

Why Us?

We help our clients achieve the highest efficiency. Our organized process helps us deliver guaranteed solutions. We believe in empowering our clients with innovations through extensive research, application of the latest technologies to augment product performance to the highest levels possible.
Here are some reasons why choosing us and customising your product instead of developing an entirely new one, proves beneficial in terms of cost, as well as productivity.

  • A solution-oriented approach to every requirement
  • Quick, yet extensive research to ensure comprehensive product customisation.
  • Application of the latest software and hardware to ensure the design and execution part.
  • Ability to customise any (any!) product to our customer’s requirement.
  • Presence of in-house as well as network talent to deliver customer needs.

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